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If you are pregnant, we strongly recommend that you keep an eye out for the following dental problems:

Pregnancy Gingivitis
Pregnancy gingivitis is a very common dental problem many women face because of the hormonal changes they experience during their pregnancy. Gingivitis is a serious and dangerous disease that can cause your gums to swell and bleed. If this disease is left untreated, it could advance into the later stages of gum disease and it can ultimately destroy your smile.

Tooth Decay
When you are pregnant, your smile is extremely prone to tooth decay, especially if you are throwing up often. Because you are frequently vomiting, your teeth are exposed to stomach acid on a regular basis, and the acid tends to destroy the smile every chance it gets. So, make sure you keep up on oral hygiene to prevent this dental issue.

Pregnancy Tumors
Pregnancy tumors are overgrowths of tissue on the gums. These generally develop during the second trimester and they may be a bit painful. These tumors are not cancerous. They will swell and bleed easily and they will have a red, raspberry-like appearance. They are usually related to excess plaque, and they tend to disappear once the baby is born.

If you experience any of these issues, please call Art & Science Family Dentistry as soon as possible by dialing 651-739-1894. Once you call, set up an appointment with Dr. Kinney and Musser so we can improve your oral health as soon as possible. We care for you and your smile, and we want you to have the most successful pregnancy imaginable, so please call us and schedule a time for treatment. We look forward to helping you!