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A bad habit of nervously nibbling on pens and pencils, or using your teeth to open packaging can sometimes chip tooth enamel. This is just as likely to occur if you also play in contact sports without a necessary mouth guard, or you grind your teeth while sleeping. Some chips are more severe than others. A more severe chip might need to be treated with a dental crown restoration.

However, it might be possible for Dr. Kinney and Musser to repair a small chip with a basic amalgam or composite resin filling. If one or more of the teeth in your smile have minor chips or other cosmetic imperfections Dr. Kinney and Musser might recommend having dental veneers installed onto each tooth that appears in your smile.

A large chip that also damages the biting surface of the tooth Dr. Kinney and Musser might recommend restoring the tooth enamel with a standard dental crown. This will completely replace the original tooth enamel layer to restore the full strength of the tooth.

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