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Fashioning dental crowns is an interesting yet time-consuming procedure. We love educating our patients about dental topics, so we’ve assembled this data for you to help you as you find out more about how dental crowns are made. Please reach out to us if you have any more queries about how dental crowns are fashioned.

The process of creating dental crowns begins in our office, where your dentist will make impressions and take measurements of your pearly whites using dental molds or imaging technology. Those measurements are sent to an oral lab where a lab technician will use the molds from your dentist to form a second impression, which will be filled with durable, long-lasting compounds that are heated to extremely high temps to make them moldable. Once the materials have been set and cured within the second impression, the mold is cracked open and the crown is taken out, ready to be sent back to our office, where the process began.

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