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If you’ve had a removable dental appliance like dentures fitted by Dr. Kinney or Dr. Musser, it was designed to fit tightly with your existing gum structure. Even with this naturally tight fit, you might still be interested in applying a bead of denture adhesive. This will give you an extra-secure hold when you eat, talk, and smile.

If food particles manage to infiltrate the base of your dentures, you should completely rinse the dentures clean of any residual adhesive and lightly dry the base with a paper towel. You can then apply fresh adhesive. This clean surface will give you a much better hold because there won’t be any residual material interfering with the relationship between the base of the dentures and your gums.

When you remove the dental appliance each night, you should rinse away any residual adhesive before brushing your dentures and soaking them overnight. This will ensure a clean surface so you can reapply denture adhesive the next morning.

Be sure to always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before selecting a particular brand of denture adhesive. This signifies that the oral product has been researched and tested to meet rigorous guidelines for safety as well as effectiveness.

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