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Have you ever actively asked yourself how you can improve your oral health care? Although brushing and flossing remain the cornerstones to a healthy smile, it is just as important consistently make an effort to improve those skills as well as seek out additional treatments to help protect or treat your pearly whites.

One particularly important technique in regard to brushing remains always keeping your brush safely stored in an aired-out location when not in use. Never allow it to touch other toothbrushes or share it with others, as this can easily cause cross-contamination. Toothbrushes also only last for 3-4 months, so replace yours as necessary.

Watching the foods and drinks you eat and making safe choices is important if you wish for your teeth to last a lifetime. This includes removing any products that can crack or chip your teeth easily when bitten into. Sugary products should also be avoided, as they are a leading cause of dental erosion. Not all oral health risks are due to what you eat though. Alternative habits, including wearing mouth jewelry, can also expose your mouth to additional hazards including potential infections and cracked teeth.

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