What should I do if I have bad breath?

Many people may not even realize they have bad breath, but at some point, everyone suffers from this undesirable condition. Bad breath can come from a variety of reasons, including certain foods, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, certain diets, and even dehydration. To prevent bad breath, we recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily, use a tongue scraper to clean bacteria from the back of your mouth, visit a dental professional frequently, drink plenty of water (it washes bacteria away), and use mouthwash.

How often should I brush and floss?

Our dentists recommend that you brush and floss frequently to remove the bacteria and plaque that leads to gum disease. To prevent plaque from building up, we recommend that you brush at least twice a day. Use small circular motions, and make sure you brush each tooth thoroughly. Also, brush your tongue. Generally, an electronic tooth brush is good tool to utilize. We also recommend that you floss daily. We may recommend that you use a floss holder if you struggle with standard floss. Rinse your mouth with water after meals if you are unable to brush.

Are amalgam (silver) fillings safe?

Amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals and are used to fill teeth. Some studies claim that these fillings are unhealthy; however, most believe that amalgam fillings are safe. While mercury is a toxic material (mercury is a component of amalgam fillings), it becomes inactive when combined with the other materials in a filling.

How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?

In general, we recommend that you visit our office at least once every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. These routine visits allow our dentists and team to make certain that your smile is in good health. Based on your specific dental needs, we may suggest more frequent appointments to ensure that you stay in optimal oral health.

How can I tell if I have gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease)?

A large number of people may suffer from periodontal disease without realizing it. Because gum disease is difficult to detect, we recommend that you visit our office frequently. We also recommend that you contact us soon if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

  • Red, puffy, or bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Tender or uncomfortable gums

Why is it important to use dental floss?

Brushing your teeth can remove the food debris, plaque, and tartar from everywhere but the area between your teeth. Furthermore, these areas are very susceptible to decay. For these reasons, it is important to floss daily.

How can cosmetic dentistry help improve the appearance of my smile?

If you are not completely satisfied with the appearance of your smile, Drs. Kinney, Musser, and Kinney can provide you with many services. We are able to brighten your smile, replace old, unattractive dental fillings, and correct chips, gaps, stains, and crooked teeth.

What are porcelain veneers and how can they improve my smile?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells designed to cover your teeth and transform your smile. These durable veneers will not stain, and they can be made to match the color, shape, and size of your smile. In only a few visits, you can quickly have the smile you have always wanted with veneers.

What can I do about stained or discolored teeth?

We offer many services to help you attain your radiant smile. Some of the options you may choose include over-the-counter solutions, professional trays for at-home teeth whitening, and professional in-office whitening.

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