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Are you familiar with the word gingivitis and what it entails? Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease in which several symptoms can often be present alerting you to a downturn in your oral health in relation to gum tissue infections. If gingivitis is present, you will need to visit your dentist so that treatments can be used to eradicate the disease before it progresses any further.

If you are suffering from early stages of gum disease including gingivitis, various signs and symptoms may begin to occur. Visual clues, including changes within your gums may begin to show themselves. If you notice any signs of swelling, inflammation, excessive redness or the presence of pus or sores, it could be an indication that you have an infection with your gum tissues.

Other common indications of gingivitis include the frequent occurrence of underlying conditions such as bad breath or complications arising from genetics, diabetes, a pregnancy, medications you’re taking, or poor oral hygiene habits. Saliva can help negate effects associated with the rise of gingivitis, so make sure you are routinely visiting your dentist for regular checkups and exams.

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