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The connection between sugarless gum and your smile has only in recent years been truly understood and documented. Sugarless gum can transform your smile for a healthier and happier set of pearly whites. Although, the reason sugarless gum can be beneficial for your smile has little to do with the gum itself. For a better understanding of the basics of chewing gum, listed below are principles concerning chewing gum:

– Sugarless gum is also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of heartburn, which is caused by a buildup of acids that travel up your esophagus.
– Chewing sugarless gum is extremely useful after meals because it helps increase the saliva flow in your mouth, which washes away food particles and neutralizes harmful acids capable of chewing through your tooth enamel.
– Sugarless gum is should not be used if you suffer from a jaw disorder such as a temporomandibular joint disorder.
– Even though sugarless gum can help your smile, by no means should it ever be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing daily.
– Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum after meals, you can help spur saliva production on which will help in the prevention of cavities.

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